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Learning from the Past, Correcting it in the Now, Enabling Excellence going forward.

'CH' is science with a bit of Art

At CH Business Consultants we have learned the depth of working with facts and data. We have also learned that intuition and insight have a valid place. When science and art are combined, practical intelligence prevails.

We have had the good fortune of gaining much experience and knowledge in global corporates, owning our own small and medium-sized enterprises, and have acquired a taste and knowledge for the business world online.

When integrating knowledge gained from large, medium, small, and virtual environments, the sum of the whole view affords us a unique advantage that we bring to our clients, themselves of all sizes and from all industries.



We are confident in our abilities, but never arrogate to say we know it all. Being professional is being transparent and open.



Once the objectives have been set, we focus relentlessly on delivering the end goal.


High Standards

We set high standards for ourselves and work hard to surpass them.

“You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success. The problem is, you just don’t see them.”

Jay Abraham

remember the past

Since 1990s

Developing and implementing transformation strategies have been part of our experience since turning around a loss making decision of Johnson Matthey in 1997.

Process Excellence came to us early 2001 when Jim McNerney joined 3M from GE. Pietro Pazzi was one of the first wave Six Sigma Black Belts to deploy process improvement in Southern Africa. He went on to lead the global process excellence and quality for the Linde Group, the largest gas company in the world.

Our second founder, dedicated 29 years to data management at Linde, where she was instrumental in establishing a global data standardization and governance program.v

communication is key

personal service

The journey to high-Performance

Over the years we have developed a proven approach to establishing a high-performance organisation

1 – Assessing The Current State

Assess KPI, Financials, VOC, Culture, Maturity. Identify Burning Platforms.

2 – High Performance Strategy

Design HP Strategy & define objectives. Design Maturity Roadmap

3 – Readying the Organisation

Resources & Method(s) required. Leadership Buy-in. Engage Everyone.

4 – Install Process Management System

Governance system. Opportunity Selection mechanism.

5 – Knowledge Transfer, Coaching, Reviews

Awareness program. Training the organization. Coaching champions and belts.

6 – Implementation & Project Tracking

Project management and improvement tracking.

7 – Replication and Maintaining Momentum

Sustain the gains and replicate the wins.

get to know each other

Exploring the dynamics and fit between our companies.

understanding your needs

Insights into your current situation and challenegs. Determining your objectives.

Agreeing the way forward

Agreeing on the best approach for your organization for developing and implementing the right solution.
Process Excellence & Lean Six Sigma
Business Transformation
High Performance Strategy
Data Driven

Our International Process Excellence Partner

We Will be with You Every Step Of The Way

We form partnerships. Only once the solutions stick, and you confident all necessary controls and governance measure are in place, will we step back.

what do you need?

we have expert knowledge in many fields

Our experience in significantly enhancing the results of companies performance spans organizations of many types ad all sizes.

Corporate - large

Wether a manufacturer or service provider, we understand both.

SME - Small & Medium

Size does not matter, processes exist everywhere, and proper decisions prevails.
"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

our team of experts are here for you

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

your investment can only be determined once we have a clear understanding of your situation and objectives. 

As you may have read on our website we fully commit to our clients and take care not to overstretch our resources. We have a vested interest to provide you with the best possible service and ensure your success. Once we understand your needs, we can discuss an engagement timeline.

Full transparency. Weekly stand up updates and full monthly reports.

Until we have sat down with you and understood your challenges, objectives, current state and the culture of your organization, can we provide you with the best fit solution. Each engaement is unique and tailored to our clients exact set of sicumstances.

Typically Lean Six Sigma and other improvement and quality techniques and tools training forms part of a greater engagement program.

We certainly can. We have developed a proven approach and tool set that assists organizations successfully bring about necessary transformation.

No. Our expertise lies in uncovering data, know, and sometimes not know. To standardise data and install governance procedures. All to ensure the orgnization makes sound decisions based on reliable and valid data. A key aspect to risk managemet.

Our goal is to help companies in the best way possible, using proven tools and techniques. Your needs are our guiding principles. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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