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Our business consulting services expertise has been developed over a combined 50 years of experience in B2B and B2C environments. Both with multi-national companies and small concerns. Our expertise include High-Performance strategy and deployment, Achieving Process Excellence, Ensuring best possible data for better decision making and business transformation or change management.

  • High-Performance strategy development
  • High-performance Roadmap, Metrics, and Dashboards
  • Assessing planned or current process excellence deployment plans and service providers
  • Coaching High-Performance leaders
  • Lean, Six Sigma & other improvement methods deployment and training
  • Coaching and assessing improvement projects
  • Business transformation and change management techniques, tools, and training
  • Data quality assessment
  • Data systems analysis for reliable and valid output
  • Data analysis, interpretation, and decision making

Our Consulting Areas of Expertise

High Performance Strategy

Objectives, Maturity Roadmaps & Dashboards

Process Excellence & Lean Six Sigma

Deployment, Training & Coaching

Big Data &
Data Management

Business Transformation & Change Management

Coaching & Training Programs

Process Excellence Coaching

Process Excellence Training

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Multi-national Process Excellence Deployments
Number of Lean Six Sigma Belts Trained
4,0 1 M$
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The world today

The need for High Performance in Today's Business Environement

To compete successful companies must attain a level of high performance. The business environment today is marked by :
  • Changing customer expectations
  • New technology
  • Talent, training, and staffing challenges
  • Competitive pressures

To succeed you need to not just know the levers of your business but optimize them to achieve:
  1.   increased capability
  2.   increased capacity
  3.   increased productivity
  4.   increased predictability
  5.   increased control
When this is achieved, your organization will:
  1. Increase its agility, response speed, and flexibility to respond to shifts and opportunities faster than the competition.
  2. Identify and maximize windows or opportunities fast.
  3. Continue to set higher service/product standards.
  4. Reduced risk and develop an enhanced ability to deal with uncertainties.

Our Approach

Our Definition Of A Successful organisation & its Capabilities

A high-performance company continuously striving to achieve the best possible productivity from process excellence, while delivering an ever-higher product/service quality that meets that of the Voice of the Customer, balanced with the Voice of the Business.

Companies that succeed have created centers of excellence around their core offering. The capabilities installed include:

  1. Continuous Process excellence through Improvement & Innovation
  2. Business Process & Performance Management
  3. Total Quality Management
  4. Project, Programme, and Portfolio Governance
  5. Change & Organistaion Engagement programs



Making it happen

Proven Performance Transformation Approach

Data Management

Better Decision Making through Data Management

Data management is about establishing and using reliable, accurate, and valid data is the to make good decisions fast to compete in today’s fast-paced environment.

Most companies make knee-jerk decisions simply because they have not taken the time to establish a data-driven approach.

We help you blend the art and science of decision-making in order to reduce your risk of getting it wrong. 

Your Data Model is crucial. Standardize, harmonize and clean up data are the first steps to lift significantly enhance your data quality. 

And companies of all sizes have done this. So can you!

Then, establish a data management and data governance organization to keep your data in great shape.

  • Data Management Model

       Fit-For-Purpose definition of data objects and structures, as required by the processes.

  • Data Cleansing & Data Enrichment

       Ensure proper data content and add the relevant but missing information.

  • Data Creation & Data Migration

       Create data or migrate from the source to a target system.

  • Data Standardization & Data Harmonization

       Consolidate data according to company and global standards.

  • Data Maintenance & Data Governance

       Define ownership of data and processes to manage data.

  • Data Analytics

       Analyze data to gain business-relevant insights.


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Our goal is to help companies in the best way possible, using proven tools and techniques. Your needs are our guiding principles. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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