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Pietro Pazzi

the vision

from the beginning

My early tendencies to perfectionism have over the years developed into a philosophy of setting high standards, not only for myself.

I have learned that applied knowledge offers a return greater than no other investment. And learning never ends. I always look forward to what I will learn from my next client.

Working smart by prioritizing and focusing on the things that will make the greatest impact, not only delivers results, but it allows one to maximize the limitations of time. 



excellence does not come without smart effort

Overview And Experience

pietro pazzi

An executive with more than 35 years of business experience in B2B and B2C environments, I have lead local business units and held global corporate office positions. My expertise spans global leadership, quality and process improvement, general management, sales, marketing management, and change management.

Having succeeded as an entrepreneur, senior manager, and as a leader in the corporate environment, as well suited to lead the development and implementation of profit improvement initiatives as I am to turning-around business performance situations.

The combination of holding an MBA, being an accredited Chartered Marketer, and a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, endow me with competencies to develop, implement and sustain solutions that deliver on business objectives.

failure is not an option

BA.Psycho (IPS UK)

CM (Chartered Marketer) (CMISA)

MBA (Wits)

GLDC (Oxford)

BB (3M)


Global Head Quality – Linde (Germany)

Global Head Lean Six Sigma – Linde (Germany)

General Manager – Johnson Matthey (SA) & 3M (SA)

Lean Six Sigma BB & MBB – 3M (SA)

Owner – Chill Haven (Cook Islands)

Principal Consultant – NUBIZ (SA)


You Deserve The Best Process Excellence Consultant

over 30 years of experience

the key to success


While Pietro has a wide range of experience, he has established himself as an expert in four key areas in business.

Strategy Development
Process & Quality Excellence
Business Turnaround
Achieving High Performance

Co-Founder Executive

Eltje Bambenek-Zahn

Striving for the best foundation

Overview And Experience

the vision

Striving for the best foundation

My aim is to organize things in the best way possible way upfront, to avoid trouble and misfits later on.

It is worth to invest time and effort at the very beginning of an undertaking. In terms of analyzing a problem or process in detail, find out about obstacles and necessary adjustments, and then to decide on an adequate and doable solution.

Getting the foundation right will pay off. It smoothens subsequent steps.

Experience shows this approach to be successful, in both, professional and private life.

So, when it comes to world of improving a company’s performance this rule applies:

Even the most optimized processes cannot be successful without an excellent foundation – your fit-for-purpose data.

Based on more than 30 years of experience in this context, I am happy to support customers to strive for and achieve Data Excellence. To set the optimal basis for their company’s performance improvements.

Coming from the IT world – after studying computer science in the 1980s – I learned and successfully applied over 3 decades everything about a company’s processes and relevant data, as well as adequate software tool-support, in a very fast developing technical environment.

I have worked as a senior expert for the world’s most widely used corporate software, SAP, for overarching Data management and various process areas (such as Sales & Supply) for about two decades.

This made me a specialist for all process-relevant data (master-, transactional-, organizational- and meta data), but also an expert for data analytics topics such as big data and date science.

For several years I have headed the global data management team of the Linde Group, the world’s largest gas supplier.

With the goal of implementing global Data Excellence. That means to standardize and perfect all data relevant for the company, structurally and in terms of content, and across all countries and regions worldwide. And to introduce, according to the rules of Data Management, a Data Maintenance and Governance Organization, to define ownership and maintenance processes for the entire data base, to keep its quality on the highest possible level.

Also, for my own small company in a third world’s environment I’ve got processes & data streamlined in the best possible way.

failure is not an option

M. Sc. Information Technology(University of Stuttgart, Germany)

IT Manager, Linde Global Business Processes & Data – Linde (Germany)

SAP Senior Expert, Data Management and processes – (several SAP projects)

Global Data Manager – Linde (Germany)

Owner – Chill Haven (Cook Islands)


Remember - processes and data go hand in hand. Processes cannot be successful without an excellent database.

the key to success


Data Modeling
Data Cleansing & Data Enrichment
Data Creation & Data Migration
Data Standardization & Data Harmonization
Data Maintenance & Data Governance
Data Analytics
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