Sometimes organisations need to pause and assess investments and their returns. So too, should organisations pause and assess their programs and true returns.
At other times, one simply needs an unbiased assessment of a course of action one is about to take.
We offer an experts team with decades of multi-national process excellence deployment experience to assess your current situation.

We Assess One or All of The Following

Overall Process Excellence Strategy

Compared to the organisation's unique situation but considering global best practices, how robust is the organisation's process excellence strategy to bring about a transformation?

Process Excellence Governance Structure

What governance system is in place to ensure ongoing continuous improvement effort and sustained benefits?

Program Metrics and Performance

How is the organisation measuring and rewarding its excellence program? How does fit into the organisation's overall objectives?

Right Projects

Are the correct projects being selected in line with the organisations objectives?
How robust is the prioritisation and selection mechanism in place?

Right People

Are the selected projects being lead by appropriately qualified leaders? Are the correctly qualified people managing the key projects and able to drive change?

Project Support

Is the organisation, and in particular the leadership, giving the selected projects and teams the support that will assist in them succeeding?
Does the project champions and sponsors understand their roles and live up to them?

Right Methodology

Is the right methodology being employed to deal with the project at hand?
Is the organisation equipped with the correct methodologies to deal with the challenges and opportunities they are facing?

Right Project Metrics

Are the performance of the projects being measured correctly?
Is the benefits being accounted for correctly?
Does the metrics and benefits align to the organisations objectives?

What Does this special Include?

This assessment is a one-week on ground in-depth review taking the form of interviews and gathering of evidence.
this is followed by a period of analysis and compiling of a report. Additional interaction my take place should further questions for clarity arise.


One Week Face To Face

A one week on-site visit forms part of this special. Interviews and gathering of evidence is the main focus.


Compile Report

A final report will be compiled based on information and facts gathered. Additional virtual meetings or interviews may be requested to clarify questions that may arise.


Present and Hand-over Assessment with Recommendations

A final report will be presented and had-over including comprehensive recommendations and next steps.


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Our team has almost more than 50 years of experience at the most senior levels of multi-national organisations at deploying process excellence and high-perfromance initiatives.

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